Ztudium facilitates creativity and connectivity through disruptive media technologies. We provide integrated marketing communications and business content for new companies and established brands that wish to raise their digital profiles and reach diverse audiences. We offer new ways to build brand value in an age of social media, mobile communications, and online marketing and publishing.



All businesses today need to be accomplished media enterprises. That means knowing how and when to use the latest communication technologies to market products and services. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs are just some of the many channels that businesses must now employ to make their voices heard in an increasingly crowded and noisy marketplace. Ztudium covers content creation and distribution across the widest range of digital channels and for a growing number of business sectors.


While young people are happy to embrace change, older generations find it more difficult to adjust to new communication and business models. At Ztudium we help to bridge the gap, enabling businesses of all types to innovate and adapt with confidence. We see opportunities where others may see challenges, and our experts will ensure you make the transition from old to new as seamlessly as possible.

ZTUDIUM Services Infographic


  • Digital publishing
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Social media marketing
  • Content production and distribution
  • Consultancy and solutions for emerging technology markets
  • Business research and intelligence
  • New media training and support
  • Web and online marketing business consultancy
  • Implementation of websites and digital business solutions and content
  • Development of social media platforms with secure hosting and search engine optimisation
  • Installation and configuration of content management systems, including training and ongoing support.