ZTUDIUM a Boutique Internet Social Publisher Studio

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ZTUDIUM a Boutique Internet Social Publisher Studio

ZTUDIUM is a boutique publisher studio with a web innovation thought leadership approach.

ZTUDIUM connects business thought leaders, influential decision makers to a dynamic network of innovative sources of online information, people and ideas. ZTUDIUM strength is the use of content through digital, curated social publishing ways to create a successful, financially healthy, and honest source of data, news, sentiment and analytic. ZTUDIUM does this through innovative technology – that is at the core of everything we do. An ambitious startup ZTUDIUM delivers business and financial premium ways to professionals to get the best research, information, news, trends and peers insight worldwide.

ZTUDIUM’s digital properties give professionals a platform and industry ecosystem way to share, connect and network. We deliver the platform to interact with peers, news and insights.

ZTUDIUM is the digital business intelligence source of business and financial news and insight online via IntelligentHQ.com, socialmediacouncil.eu, bestexecutionplus.com, and its dynamic social media and application platforms premium industry emergent platforms focus on innovation and digital business solutions.

ZTUDIUM is embracing innovation on its DNA and studying new ways to integrate Social publishing, new or emerging online content creation for professionals and businesses. We believe in using the best tools of social media, curated content and innovation for social publishing purposes in value proposition able to create new successful, financially healthy, and honest opportunities for startups, business and corporations worldwide.

Contact us in info@ztudium.com

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