About us

What is ztudium

ztudium group is a British based global leading maker of proprietary intellectual property and technologies that integrate industry 4IR Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies. Ztudium technology products, platforms, media and services integrate fintech, Web3.0, AI, Metaverse, Blockchain, open data APIs and research for cutting edge innovation tech.

ztudium is a company based in the United Kingdom and created in August 2011 by Dinis Guarda, the major shareholder, The company was considered one of the top 50 companies in Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence by Thinkers360.com in 2023.

ztudium is a member of the European AI Alliance, UN Global Compact and collaborates with multiple Governments, education and business networks such as leading Universities and Business Schools.

ztudium builds cutting edge technology solutions,  services and research and development. Ztudium solutions and deliveries comprehend the following areas:

  • Media publishing and research division;
  • Software  technology division offering Fintech, AI, Web3.0, Metaverse, blockchain IP PaaS and SaaS;
  • Research and publishing books, white papers and products,
  • Service and high profile consultancy solutions. 

  • ztudium builds proprietary SaaS, PaaS, IP solutions, products that integrate: fintech, search engines, metaverse, digital twins, smart cities, blockchain AI, digital transformation integrated platforms and technology products and services solutions. 

    ztudium builds proprietary leading platforms, software products for businesses and governments. The major created by the group comprehend the following platforms and media:

  • openbusinesscouncil.org
  • citiesabc.com
  • fashionabc.com
  • intelligenthq.com
  • tradersdna.com
  • hedgeythink.com
  • Idna.technology
  • blocksdna.tech
  • blockimpact.com
  • lifesdna.com

  • Dinis Guarda, the founder is a recognised global author / serial entrepreneur/influencer who has been working / advising global leading governments, institutions & corporations. Dinis Guarda Youtube Podcast series ranks  1,105th Global Top Youtube Channels in Tech Rank in socialblade.com, with more than 14m views up to April 2023. Thinkers360.com and Onalytica.com, the world’s largest and premier marketplaces for B2B thought leaders and influencers ranks Dinis Guarda as one of the top 50 global B2B thought leaders and number one, and top 10 in areas such Fintech, Blockchain, AI, Metaverse, and Digital transformation consecutively in the last 10 years.

    The board comprehends Sonesh Sira, a serial entrepreneur and personality in film, media and entertainment that has produced over 20 films in Bollywood and Hollywood and been doing business for over 3 decades. The board also included Hilton Supra Vice Chairman, a former executive in Capital Markets, Banking and Asset Management including Deutsche Bank, AXA Rosenberg, EIM and Cheyne Capital.

    ztudium team includes global executives which have  an outstanding portfolio of work and track record with leading global companies, governmental organisations  and brands.

    The company is headquartered in London, UK and has representative offices in: Lisbon, Leria, Portugal, Hanoi, Vietnam, New Delhi, India, Dubai, UAE, Cape Verde, Turkiye.

    ztudium group includes the companies techabc limited, open business platform limited, iDNA Limited all based in the United Kingdom and Cruzlar Textiles in Leiria, Portugal.

    ztudium is a global, leading maker of 4IR technologies, Web 3.0, AI, Blockchain, and research. The company builds software, research products, and service platform solutions using new technologies. It has experience in building proprietary platforms, and software products for businesses and governments

    ztudium is a company member of the European AI Alliance and UN Global Compact, and collaborates with multiple education and business networks such as leading Universities and Business Schools. 
    It was founded by serial entrepreneur Dinis Guarda, a renowned author and global influencer who has been working and advising international governments, institutions, and corporations.

    Dinis Guarda is listed in various top 100 / 10% / 1% Most Influential People in Fintech / Blockchain / Social media / Insurtech / AI. 
    The team consists of global doers with a track record of working with leading companies, governments, and brands.
    The company has its headquarters in London, UK, and has representation and offices in Lisbon (Portugal), Hanoi (Vietnam), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), and New Delhi (India)